The hot trend-art of filling in your hair pattern with color

What is the difference between eyeliner pencils &Graff*Etch Hair pencils?


There are huge differences in pencils and that makes all the difference.

1.Graff*Etch hair pencils are formulated to be creamy &
   blendable on short hair and the scalp.
2. Colors are vibrant and show up on all hair and skin types.
3. Color is waterproof and sweat proof yet removes easily with shampoo.
4. Built-in sharpeners help with drawing fine lines and precision.
5. Pencils are fragrance free.
6. Pencils are Paraben and petroleum free.
7. Cost is less than $4 a pencil.
8. First choice among barbers and stylists that do hair art.
9. Seeing the Graff*Etch name, takes the guess work out.
   You can trust the formula to perform for your hair art needs.

       Eyeliners and Knock off Brands

1. These pencils can irritate a newly shaved scalp.
2. Eyeliner pencils are made to stay where you put them.
3. Eyeliner pencils don’t show up vibrant enough.
4. Eyeliner pencils are not mixable; you cannot put 2 colors
together to create a third.
5. Imposter & Knock off brands are made using the cheapest
  ingredients solely to undercut pricing without concern for quality,
  sensitivity or making the color last.
6. Linda Eisner, owner of Graff*Etch has an eyeliner pencil brand.  
 After barbers experimented with her pencils, Graff*Etch pencils were                  determined to be far superior.  All cosmetic pencils are made for different            applications so you never really know what you are getting.

 Application Tip: Try applying Xotics Jamilla as a base after haircut and before you apply color.  Colors will glide on smoothly,  appear more vibrant & you use less pencil.  After color is completed, lightly spray with spritz to seal color & hold.

Graff*Etch; the hot trend-art of lining your hair pattern with color.  From hip hop to high fashion the trend is taking hold. Graff*Etch colored pencils are perfect for tagging, tracing and taking your street style to editorial edginess.  Fill in barber etchings, braiding, hair pattern or graphic hair design with bold, bright color for an immediate uplifting look. The built in sharpener that comes along with each 7" pencil, helps fine-tune precise design.  The blend able formula keeps your color options unlimited with 8 shades to choose from.  The stay put color is waterproof and sweat proof...
      Barbers and stylists are designing patterns into the hair with edgers already. Kids young and old are having designs etched into their haircuts for their sports teams; leaving the school letter and number on their heads.  Women are joining in and asking for their hair to be buzzed down one side of their head, sometimes underneath a cute haircut for a funky yet flexible look.  They are requesting designs like stars, hearts, & even lightening bolts.  Filling in these designs with colored pencils really makes the design stand out!  It's a temporary way to express yourself.  The color washes out and the hair grows back.

Each 8 piece set of Original colors contains one each of: Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Dark Blue and Light Blue.  The pencil colors can be layered and combined to create any shade you require.The pencils are sold in 8 piece sets.