I am Linda Eisner, the founder of Graff*Etch Hair Pencils. After working for over 30 years in the cosmetics industry, I have become an expert in creating cosmetic pencils. My background is in marketing and sales of private label color cosmetics and skincare.  The idea of Graff*Etch began at Premiere in Orlando in 2009. I was exhibiting my natural eyeliner brand called Pencil Me In.  At the show, several barbers appeared at the booth to purchase my eyeliner pencils. It turns out that  Major League Barbers, Nieves Almaraz, and Charlie Lopez were creating designs with their clippers and wanted to use my eyeliner pencils to color in the designs. The hair art looked amazing!!  At that moment, I realized I had to sell pencils for hair.  Initially I thought my eyeliner pencil brand would be perfect for hair art.  What I discovered is even extraordinary cosmetic pencils do not meet the special requirements for coloring in hair art.  Regular pencils do not work like Graff*Etch. Do not be fooled by inferior brands that may look like mine. Graff*Etch was created to combine graffiti art and barber etchings. Hair Art was once considered a fad but has now become as main stream as tattoos.  When barbers and stylists create hair art, they are creating a design in the hair with their trimmers & razors. These designs can be geometric, sports and company logos, cartoon characters and even famous faces. Graff*Etch pencils were created for newly shaved sensitive skin formulated to apply on a tender scalp and in the hair. Each pack contains 8  seven-inch pencils with a sharpener built into each cap. The formula is blend able so any color you need can be created from those 8 original colors. Use these pencils to pre-draw your design before etching them out.  You can fill in hair lines, beards and create sharp angles with these pencils. Our pencils have the proper combination of texture, long lasting wear and ease of application. Graff*Etch pencils apply creamy smooth, won’t drip down if you sweat and will stay-put until you wash it out with shampoo or a cleanser. Graff*Etch pencils were made because barbers and stylists need proper tools to be more creative. It's a fun and temporary way to express yourself.